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We have standard pricing for a single pump-out, along with weekly, bi-weekly and monthly rates.
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In Preparation for Your First Pump-Out with Redfish Island Marine....

  • Please let us know if there is anything unusual about your holding tank (cap improperly labeled, located  
    under a hatch, inside your cockpit enclosure, etc.).

  • Please insure that your vessel's valves are properly set for waste tank removal and make sure your
    vents are clear to allow for adequate suction. IMPORTANT: If you think In Preparation for Your First
    Pump-Out with Redfish Island Marine....

  • Make sure your holding tank cap (deck fitting) is easily turned, as the service techs will not be able to
    service tanks with seized caps/deck fittings. (With the wet weather in the area, this is a common
    problem on holding tank caps that have not been loosened on a regular basis.)

  • If your holding tank fitting is not accessible from the deck, you will need to be present for the service.
    Redfish Island Marine Service techs cannot go down below on your vessel without the owner or
    owner's representative present.

  • Holding tanks can become pressurized if they are left for a significant period of time and/or have been
    over-filled. If there is any chance that your holding tank is over-full and has the possibility to geyser,
    please advise us so our tech can take precautions.

  • If you suspect you have a clog, please let us know and we'll note on the tech's schedule to apply
    special trade secrets to your pumpout service.

  • The Redfish Island Marine techs will leave the customary "We were here!" card on your boat in an
    obvious, but secure place. If you are located in an area of strong winds, or don't frequent your boat
    regularly, please advise us if you would like to set up a safe and secure place for us to leave the card.

Most common problems with pump-out service can be handled by taking the precautions above and by
regularly scheduled service. If you have any questions about your pump-out service, please contact us and we
will review your boat's pump-out log/customer file to try to help you diagnose the problem.

CALL or TEXT 832-340-1600 or Email Us: office@redfishislandmarine.com

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